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3D convertible monitor with polarizing glasses


You can view 3D images by using 2D/3D Convertible TFT monitor with polarizing glasses. For Example,"ZALMAN" TORIMON ZM-M220W or ZM-M190 Micro-Pol 2D/3D Convertible TFT Monitor System Features: Not ghost imaging Easy 2D/3D convertibility The widest viewing angle Rapid response time and high contrast ratio High Resolution 1680 x 1050(ZM-M220W) / 1280 x 1024(ZM-M190) Also "ZALMAN" TORIMON ZM-M220W and ZM-M190 bundles "Stereoscopic Player" for viewing of 3D movies and it needs not a nVIDIA's VGA card.

polarized glasses

About stereoscopy

Stereoscopy (also called 3D imaging) is any technique capable of recording three-dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image.

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